About Us

We are an agency created by the Government of Ontario to connect, coordinate and modernize our province’s health care system. We work with partners, providers and patients to make the health system more efficient so everyone in Ontario has an opportunity for better health and wellbeing. 

We oversee health care planning and delivery across the province to build a person-centred health care system.

Our work includes:

  • measuring and reporting on how the health system is performing 
  • overseeing the delivery and quality of clinical care services, including cancer, renal, cardiac, palliative, mental health and addictions services
  • managing funding and accountability for parts of the health system
  • creating provincial digital and virtual services that will give patients and health care providers more complete health information 
  • delivering organ and tissue donation and transplantation services
  • setting quality standards and developing evidence-based guidelines to improve clinical care
  • helping to oversee and coordinate Ontario’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, working closely with the government, health system and other partners 

Building Relationships to Improve Health Care

We know that to create an effective person-centred health care system, we need to listen to and learn from the people we serve and those we partner with. 

That is why we focus on building positive and collaborative relationships with patients and caregivers, health care professionals and system partners across Ontario. We regularly connect and engage with people and groups that have an interest in Ontario health care. For example: 

  • diverse communities such as Indigenous, Francophone and Black communities
  • acute care health services
  • community services
  • primary care providers
  • long-term care services
  • patients, caregivers and families

Guiding Our Work


Our Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Anti-Racism Framework is an essential tool that shows us how to embed equity in all our activities. This reduces health inequity and improves outcomes for all patients, families and providers.

Quadruple Aim

Our work is also guided by four objectives critical in the delivery of world-class health care services. We aim to:

  • enhance patient experience
  • improve population health outcomes
  • improve front-line provider experience
  • maximize value
Last Updated: September 27, 2022