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Ontario Health Board of Directors Reappointed And New Member Added

Following a first year spent helping lay the foundation for health system transformation, the Ontario Health Board of Directors has been reappointed. It will also be joined by a new member.

The new arrival is Major General (retd) Jean-Robert Bernier, whose extensive and exemplary biography includes being Canada's 38th Surgeon General, NATO's chief medical adviser as chair of its Surgeons General committee, head of the Royal Canadian Medical Service, commander of the fully-integrated military health system, and chair of NATO's Health, Medicine, and Protection research committee. Dr. Bernier is a Franco-Ontarian.

There are now 13 members on the Ontario Health Board. The 12 reappointed members of the board for Ontario Health are also appointed to the board of the Trillium Gift of Life Network, as well as the boards for each of the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

“Without question, it has been a busy and eventful first year, culminating in the very serious challenge posed by COVID-19,” said William Hatanaka, Ontario Health Board Chair. “We are working hard to effectively support the system in their response and will continue doing so. Now more than ever, it is critical that we focus on supporting the delivery of the best possible patient-centered care.”

The Board of Directors’ first year saw people and organizations transfer into Ontario Health, bringing valuable knowledge, skills and best practices to collectively work together and with partners across the system to help ensure that Ontarians continue receiving high-quality health care services, where and when they need them.

“I think we can all take pride in the great strides forward that have been taken at Ontario Health, particularly given that this is a new agency that has been faced in its first year with a global pandemic,” said Deputy Premier and Health Minister Christine Elliott.  “Ontario Health and other agencies are playing a key role in our province’s response.”

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Ontario Health is the provincial agency responsible for ensuring Ontarians continue to receive high-quality health care services where and when they need them.

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Last Updated: November 22, 2023