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Register to Give the Gift of Life This Giving Tuesday

TORONTO, ON — This Giving Tuesday (happening on November 28 this year), Ontario Health (Trillium Gift of Life) is asking Ontarians to make a significant difference in the lives of others by registering their consent to become organ and tissue donors and speaking with their family and loved ones about their wishes.

“The little things like running for the bus, and big things like pursuing a career or getting married; I never forget that I wouldn’t be doing any of this without my donor,” says Shilpa Raju, a double-lung recipient, whose transplant has allowed her to plan for a future she never believed would be possible. “The impact of that one person’s choice is transformative… and it’s a butterfly effect. Anything I do or accomplish is bigger than me.”

“I volunteer as much as I do because I want to use this incredible gift I’ve been given wisely; I want to be of service,” says Jennifer Monteith, a heart recipient whose donation gave her a second chance at life. “I have the opportunity to tell people that today’s medicine and technology are able to give many others like me a second chance at life. I am living proof that registering as a donor matters.”

Did you know?

  • 90% of Ontarians support organ and tissue donation yet only 35% of Ontarians are registered donors. That’s only 4.7 million out of an eligible 13.2 million.
  • In Ontario, there are currently over 1,200 people are currently waiting for a lifesaving organ. transplant and thousands more who could benefit from tissue donation.
  • Every three days, one person dies while waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.
  • A person is six times more likely to need an organ transplant than to become a donor.
  • Everyone is a potential donor regardless of age or medical condition. All potential donors are evaluated on an individual, medical, case-by-case basis.

As Giving Tuesday approaches, Ontarians are reminded they have the power to alter lives and make a difference in a monumental way – and it only takes a few minutes to register.

“In Ontario, more than 1,100 individuals are urgently awaiting a lifesaving organ transplant, with thousands more in need of a tissue donation that can transform their lives,” says Dr. Andrew Healey, Clinical Medical Lead – Donation, Ontario Health (Trillium Gift of Life Network). “This Giving Tuesday, we are urging Ontarians to consider the profound impact they can make by registering their consent to donate after they pass. One organ can be the difference between life and death for someone on the waitlist, while one tissue donor can provide hope, independence, mobility, and support for up to 75 recipients.”

To learn more about organ and tissue donation in Ontario and to register to become a donor, visit

To speak with Shilpa Raju, Jennifer Monteith or Dr. Andrew Healey, please contact:
Ontario Health

Last Updated: November 22, 2023