Ontario Health Leadership Message to Team Members

The persistence of anti-Black racism has been tragically displayed in recent events in the US and in Canada. I am reaching out today to condemn anti-Black racism in all its forms.

Ontario Health is committed to fighting racism and inequity. We are a team who values diversity and inclusion and does not tolerate violence, silencing or marginalization of any group or individual.

We are here to support all our team members who may be experiencing sadness, outrage, fear, frustration or fatigue in the face of recent events, and the ongoing impact of the racism you may face in your daily lives. Too often, the job of speaking out against racism is left to people of colour. And that is not right. We must all be willing to do the heavy lifting of confronting and fighting racism.

The entire leadership team is committed to listening, to providing safe spaces for important conversations around all forms of racism, prejudice and discrimination, and to leading the kind of change that is necessary in our organization and across our communities.

The events of the last few days remind us that we all have a responsibility to stand up, speak out and be an active part of making change.

As part of these efforts at Ontario Health, we are committed to a respectful workplace free of discrimination, harassment or violence as set out in our Respectful Workplaces Policy.

On behalf of Ontario Health’s entire leadership team, please accept our profound sympathy and solidarity to all of our Black team members. We see you. We are your allies. And we commit to doing better.

Last Updated: June 4, 2020