A Black Health Plan for Ontario

The Black Health Plan is a strategy developed by community members, health leaders and academics in response to long-standing systemic health inequities experienced by Black populations. The plan is a call to action to reduce disparities and advance equity in Ontario. It also provides a template to inform planning and action for other populations facing systemic disadvantages.


Download the Black Health Plan

The Black Health Plan provides a roadmap for creating equitable health conditions for Black populations. These populations have disproportionately poorer health outcomes, and experience significant barriers to accessing preventive care and health services. 

The plan is built along three pillars: 

  • Equitable pandemic response for Black populations
  • Equitable health system recovery with a focus on Black populations
  • Sustained health equity for Black populations

Each pillar includes a corresponding set of recommendations for the Ministry of Health, Ontario Health, Ontario Health Teams and health service providers.

The plan urges health care providers, organizations and governing bodies to take action on the recommendations it has set out, and to use it both as a guide for specific changes and as inspiration to transform existing structures. The goal is to ensure that Black communities across Ontario receive safe and equitable care and improved outcomes.

The Black Health Plan was developed jointly by Ontario Health, The Wellesley Institute and the Black Health Alliance, led by community and health care leaders. 

Last Updated: September 13, 2023