Funding Opportunities for Primary Care

Ontario is supporting primary care by building collaborative networks and expanding access to teams models of care. Funding is available from the Ontario government to expand existing interprofessional primary care teams and/or create up to 18 new teams in communities with the greatest need. 

This funding opportunity is now closed.

The funding announced in Your Health: A Plan for Connected and Convenient Care, includes a plan to connect more people with primary care closer to home, in communities across the province. The funding will:

  • Enable multidisciplinary care teams to provide direct care to vulnerable and marginalized people as well as those without a family doctor across Ontario 
  • Help connect people to care when they need it and avoid unnecessary emergency department visits 
  • Improve health outcomes by increasing preventive care and screening procedures

We are working with the Ministry of Health (ministry) to co-manage the Expression of Interest (EOI) application process, and we will work with local primary care and community partners to support EOI applications.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Funding

This is an open call. We encourage applications from all who are interested in applying. 

Applications may come from both established interprofessional primary care models such as Family Health Teams, Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics, Community Health Centres, Indigenous Primary Health Care Organization and physicians/physician groups, or from other, new and innovative models for addressing the needs of their community.  

What Makes a Successful Application

A complete Expression of Interest (EOI) form is required by the ministry in order to be considered for this funding opportunity. The EOI form (including any supporting documents) should set out a case or rationale with all relevant details that enables the ministry to appropriately assess community need and the effectiveness of the proposed programs and services in the community. 

Proposals should demonstrate alignment with the following principles:

  • Increasing access to primary care services
  • Reduce barriers to care for historically disadvantaged populations
  • Efficient, effective and skills-based governance
  • Team based models of interprofessional primary care that maximize efficacy, scope of practice and how the team works together
  • Integration and collaboration with the broader health care system, including through Ontario Health Teams, as well as a commitment to participate in population-based planning for health service delivery
  • A commitment to using available data and evaluation for continuous quality improvement
  • The use of digital health solutions to support care delivery

The ministry and Ontario Health will use an evaluation process, including criteria to assess equity, to review and assess EOI submissions. Based on the evaluation framework, the ministry will make recommendations for funding approval to expand and/or create interprofessional primary care teams.

How to Submit an Application

Completed EOIs must be submitted by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, June 16, 2023:

  • By email to your relevant Ontario Health regional contact (see list in the following table)
  • In PDF or Microsoft Word format 
  • Using the email subject line: Your Organization Name: IPC EOI Application submission

Applicants are encouraged to seek assistance via their designated regional contact if they have difficulty preparing or submitting electronic applications.

Submission notes

  • You are encouraged to answer each question clearly, completely and concisely. Incomplete submissions will be evaluated according to the information provided. 
  • You may resubmit completed EOIs until the closing date, but it is your responsibility to ensure that your Ontario Health region is aware of the new submission to ensure the most updated EOI is evaluated.


Register for a technical webinar on completing the Expression of Interest form.

Designated Ontario Health Regional Contacts
Ontario Health Region Contact for Submission
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North West
Last Updated: December 7, 2023