2021 AODA Annual Update

In its Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (2019), Ontario Health committed to providing annual updates on progress toward plan goals and milestones. The points below summarize key accomplishments from this calendar year.

In 2021, Ontario Health:

  • Developed a webinar and a library of digital accessibility resources to help educate and support staff in developing accessible documents and web content. Resources are posted on the Ontario Health employee intranet.
  • Created a dedicated email for accessibility requests and added it to the contact us form on Ontariohealth.ca.
  • Established an AODA compliance working group with members from Facilities, Communications, Legal and Human Resources portfolios at Ontario Health.
  • Invested in and installed scanning and remediation tools to support digital AODA compliance. An assessment and remediation plan for websites and documents is in development.
  • Two-hundred employees completed AODA training in 2021, for an overall completion rate of 100%
  • Developed an accommodation process for employees with disabilities.
  • Updated the careers website, employment offer letters and accommodation process through the recruitment, selection and assessment process.
Last Updated: December 15, 2021