Our Story

Our goal will be to enable the delivery of better quality health care to every Ontarian while offering the best possible experience at every step along your journey.

Who we are
Nothing is more important to us than your health. We will work to make it easier for you to receive quality health care with the dignity and respect you deserve once fully established.

We will work towards one main goal: to provide you and your family with peace of mind through consistent, world-class care that is based on your best interests. This means eventually bringing together the combined knowledge, strengths and experience of up to 20 existing health agencies and the many talents of their highly-skilled staff into one integrated organization, to expand your access to all that Ontario’s health care system has to offer.

We will be driven by our desire to provide you with the best possible patient experience at every step along your journey. This includes offering you more convenience and choices like accessing your own health results and information and choosing your health care provider team. It also means supporting health care professionals with the tools and information they need to deliver the right treatment, at the right time and in the right setting.

What we will do

Once fully established, we will work to make you, your family and caregivers our top priority by simplifying the current system, improving the patient experience throughout your entire health care journey, beyond hospital hallways. To do this, we will become one agency with one strategy and one set of priorities for the health system and apply the best of our collective expertise to all Ontarians, in all areas of care.

We will oversee health care delivery across the province. This includes working with the ministry to put digital systems in place so you can access your own health records and securely share them within your circles of care. It also includes keeping a close eye on how the system is performing and applying standards to address any gaps, and supporting our diligent health care providers, including Ontario Health Teams, to continuously improve the quality of their care by giving them the tools and information they need. So, whether you’re moving from hospital to home care, visiting your doctor’s office or seeing a mental health and addictions specialist, you should feel confident, respected and well-informed about the care you are receiving at every step along the way.

We will be doing all of this to build a better health care system for Ontarians – one that is dedicated first and foremost to patients.
Why it matters

Your health will be Ontario Health’s singular focus. We know that some of the highest quality care is being delivered in Ontario right now by committed health care professionals. We also know that the current health care system is not supporting some of you as well as it should – processes are often unclear and inconsistent, and options are not always offered or explained. A growing and aging population with more complex, chronic conditions requiring more care at greater cost in the later stages of life means that we must allocate the resources that are available thoughtfully, when and where they will do the most good.

This is the opportunity for Ontario Health: better quality care for all Ontarians.

We believe that you want and deserve a better understanding of your health. By looking at the system through your eyes and empowering you to become a partner in your care, we will be able to reduce strain on the system, invest more resources on the frontline and, most importantly, improve health outcomes and overall wellness for you and all Ontarians.