Ontario Health West

Ontario Health West is one of Ontario Health’s six geographic regions. This region serves four million people who live in diverse urban and rural communities from Waterloo to Windsor and Tobermory to Niagara Falls.

Map of Ontario with West Region highlighted

 West Region

Ontario Health regions work with local community and health care partners to improve patient experience, population health outcomes and provider experience.

We are modernizing the health care system through integration, coordination, connection and clinical excellence.

Ontario Health West tracks how the health system is performing and provides evidence-based standards and improvements to fill the gaps. This contributes to better health outcomes and overall wellness in the communities we serve.

Ontario Health Teams in West Region

Ontario Health Teams organize and deliver care that is better connected for patients in their local communities.

Ontario Health Teams are groups of health care providers and organizations that include hospitals, doctors, home and community care providers, and others. They work as one coordinated team to deliver care to a defined group of people (for example, people living in one area of a city or one part of a region).

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West Region Statistics

For current population statistics and other data related to West region, please review the most recent Ontario Health Annual Business Plan.

Last Updated: June 3, 2022