Personal Protective Equipment, Rapid Tests and Swab Kit Supplies

This information hub for health care providers in Ontario supports urgent requests for personal protective equipment (PPE), rapid tests and swab kits.

PPE Requests

Hospitals, long-term care and retirement homes are expected to continue sourcing their own PPE.

In urgent situations only, when care could be impacted in 14 days or less, use the online form to escalate PPE requests.

We will respond to requests within one business day.

Swab Kit Requests

Please submit urgent swab kit requests between Monday and Wednesday.

This will allow adequate packaging time to accommodate temperature control requirements, and ensure delivery before the weekend.

Unless urgent, requests received on Thursday or Friday will be processed by the warehouse the following Monday.

For urgent weekend requests, pick-up or delivery instructions will be provided. In the case of urgent swab deliveries, providers must pay the shipping costs.

Place a Request

PPE, Swab and Rapid Test Kit Request Form

Use this form to request PPE (all regions), rapid tests, and swab kits (Central, East, North and Toronto regions only).

For help completing the form, please refer to the [PDF]Quick Reference Guide.

West region only: To request swab kits, please use the Swab / Rapid Testing Form from Healthcare Materials Management Services.

Last Updated: September 27, 2022