Virtual Care Resources

These virtual care tools help health service providers support patients across Ontario, regardless of their location. Find clinical guidance, best practices, verified solutions and information about the Patient Access Network.

This work supports the province’s Digital First for Health strategy and ensures virtual care services are available to patients using safe, secure and interoperable platforms.

Guidance and Best Practices

Finding a Virtual Care Solution

Supporting Patients Through Virtual Care

The Ontario Health Patient Access Network provides secure physical locations where patients have convenient and local access to virtual care technology and clinical support services for their virtual visit. Host sites are patient-centered in providing convenient access to care in one’s own community in a supported and comfortable environment. They reduce the burden of travel and decrease inequities for populations that have difficulties in accessing health services through conventional approaches. Consider using a patient host site for:

  • Patients who do not have the technology, bandwidth, data costs, or digital literacy to have a virtual visit at home
  • Patients who do not have privacy or space in their homes, or who have clinical needs that require nursing support
  • Patients who are to receive culturally sensitive care within their community
  • Patients who have low health literacy and require support to understand the clinical aspects of their visit and next steps
  • Consultants who require nursing support or the use of a peripheral device during the visit

For more information or to schedule a visit for your patient at a Patient Access Network site, please email

Last Updated: November 13, 2022