Indigenous Chronic Disease Toolkit

This toolkit was created in partnership with Indigenous community members, who shared stories of their chronic disease experiences, and with guidance from the Joint Ontario Indigenous Cancer Committee.

Healthcare workers can use this resource to facilitate discussion with community members who are experiencing chronic disease or need more information about a certain type of chronic disease.

Chapters in the Toolkit

  1. What is chronic disease?
  2. Types of chronic disease
  3. Chronic disease prevention
  4. Managing chronic disease
  5. Treating chronic disease
  6. Mental health

How to Use the Toolkit

The toolkit stands up like a tent card and is designed with one side for the healthcare worker presenting the information and the other side for the patient.

The top right corner of the healthcare worker’s side has an image of what the patient is seeing on the page in front of them. The healthcare worker side also has detailed information to describe the image that the patient is looking at.

A sample healthcare worker view with a script to read aloud and an image of the patient’s view in the top right corner.

On the other side, the patient is looking at a picture or diagram with minimal text to describe a chronic disease or prevention concept.

A sample patient view shows a large illustration of a person, surrounded by labelled sketches of all their major organs.

Learn More or Get Copies

To ask questions about the Chronic Disease Toolkit or to request copies of the toolkit, please email:

Indigenous Chronic Disease Toolkit 

For information only. Request a printed copy for practical use.

Also available in an accessible text-only version

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Last Updated: May 9, 2023