Clinical Systems Renewal Funding

The Ministry of Health is providing dedicated funding for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) and In Development Teams to support investments that reduce the fragmentation of clinical systems.

On this page:

  1. Who can apply for funding
  2. Funding objectives
  3. OHT guidelines
  4. Supporting resources

If your OHT is interested in submitting a proposal to access Clinical Systems Renewal Program Funding, please review the 2022-23 Funding Guideline document.

Who can apply for funding

  • Organizations that are members of an approved OHT
  • Organizations that are members of In Development Teams
  • Indigenous community organizations, including those serving First Nations, Inuit, Metis and Urban Indigenous persons

Funding objectives

The objectives of this funding are to:

  • Support projects aligned with health system recovery and OHT delivery priorities.
  • Facilitate broader benefits across OHTs or a region through information sharing and collaboration.

OHT guidelines

Submissions from approved OHTs and In Development Teams should demonstrate that their proposals align with the OHT model. Examples of how applicants can demonstrate alignment with the OHT model include the following:

  • The proposal was developed by the OHT or In Development Team according to processes outlined in their Collective Decision-Making Arrangement(s) and submitted with the OHT as signatory (e.g., leadership council).
  • The proposal aligns with OHT priorities and OHT-specific performance indicators.
  • The proposal involves an active collaboration between OHT members.
  • Funds will be flowed to and managed by a fundholder nominated by the OHT on behalf of all OHT members.
  • The proposal aligns with ministry direction to In Development Teams, if applicable, (e.g., to join with other teams).

Supporting resources

Please review the following documents before completing and submitting a funding proposal:

If you have any questions or need more information about this funding program stream or the application process, please contact

Last Updated: November 28, 2022