Virtual Visits Verification Standard

Our Virtual Visits Verification Standard ensures that virtual care services are delivered using safe, secure and interoperable platforms for patient to provider video and secure messaging. The standard gives providers more choice in selecting the virtual care solution that best meets their care delivery needs. Supporting Ontario's Digital First for Health strategy, the standard was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and OntarioMD.

Download the standard: Virtual Visits Solution Requirements (PDF)

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About Verified Virtual Visit Solutions

Verification is a review process to ensure that virtual care solutions meet our Virtual Visits Solution Requirements (the standard).

Solution providers can apply to become verified by submitting a package of information about their solution. Once verified, solutions are published on the Verified Solutions List to help health service providers make informed decisions about the selection and procurement of virtual care solutions that meet their practice needs. Verified solutions must then be validated against a set of mandatory requirements in the standard. Once validated, the information about the solution is updated on the Verified Solutions List.

Ontario Health does not endorse any virtual care solution and advises health care providers and organizations to conduct their own due diligence to determine that any solution procured meets their own needs and requirements.

To better understand the roles and responsibilities of solution providers, health service providers and organizations, please read the Terms and Conditions (PDF) in full.

Health Service Providers

By verifying that video and secure messaging solutions meet a set of mandatory requirements, we support health care providers in making informed decisions based on a provincial standard for privacy, security, technology and functionality.

Talk to your solution provider

We encourage you to ask your solution providers to become verified if they are not already. You can direct them to this page – – for more details and guidance.

Verification of your own solution

Virtual care visit solutions developed by or in partnership with health service providers can become verified. If you have implemented or are planning to implement a solution that is unique to your environment and is not generally or commercially available in the marketplace, send an email to to request a meeting to discuss eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions for Health Service Providers (PDF)

Virtual Care Solution Providers

To begin the verification process, request a submission package by sending email to

The verification process

You will be required to:

  1. Sign an Attestation Letter (included in the submission package) that affirms that your solution meets all mandatory requirements as detailed in the standard.
  2. Submit up-to-date Privacy Impact Assessment and Threat Risk Assessment summaries. SOC 2 Type 2 audits may be submitted in place of a Threat Risk Assessment.
  3. Complete scenario-based validation testing of the solution against mandatory requirements and submit substantiation materials within 12 months of the solution's verification date.

There is no time limit for completing the initial submission package.

Submissions (steps 1 and 2) will be assessed for completeness and compliance on a first-come first-served basis. Compliant solutions will be published on the Verified Solutions List. Once the solution is validated (step 3), the Verified Solutions List will be updated to reflect the validated status.

Last Updated: May 23, 2023