Verified Virtual Visit Solutions - Glossary

Term Description
Attestation A signed agreement between a Solution Provider and Ontario Health.
Health Service Provider Health Service Providers may include solo practitioners, clinics, home and community care organizations, hospitals or any other Health Service Provider type that is fully or in part funded by the Ministry of Health.
Health Service Provider Innovator A Health Service Provider Innovator has developed a virtual care solution, independently or in partnership with other Health Service Providers and/or Vendors.
Solution Provider A Solution Provider may be a Vendor or a Health Service Provider. Single Health Service Providers may develop and offer a virtual care solution or they may partner with other Health Service Providers as a collective.
Vendor A vendor is a private enterprise that offers Health Service Providers a virtual care solution.
VPAT®/ACR - Voluntary Product Accessibility Template/Accessibility Conformance Report

A VPAT or ACR is a document that summarizes the extent to which a digital product, service or technology conforms with the globally recognized Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

While a VPAT is technically a template used to draft an ACR, the acronym is commonly used in the marketplace to describe a completed ACR

A VPAT/ACR may either be completed by the vendor or by a third-party expert or organization specializing in accessibility evaluations.

Program Participation Status
Term Description
Pre-Validated Solution Provider has not yet tested to substantiate that it meets all mandatory requirements.
Under Review The Solution Provider has agreed to a final remediation timeline that, if not met, will lead to withdrawal from the program.
Verified The Solution Provider's Attestation of meeting all mandatory requirements has been accepted by Ontario Health.
Validated The Solution Provider has successfully demonstrated that all mandatory requirements have been met.
Withdrawn When Solution Providers elect to remove their solutions from the program.
Last Updated: June 11, 2024